Folsom DUI Lawyer

Drunk Driving Arrest

Any driver in Northern California who has been charged with a DUI should consider hiring an experienced California DUI lawyer to help in their his against this charge.

Folsom Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Tickets

California drivers, tourists passing through, and commercial drivers who are ticketed need to know that they can fight their traffic charge and appeal convictions as it may save them money in the long term. The cost of a traffic ticket is far higher than the cost of the fine.

Folsom Resisting Arrest Lawyer

Resisting Arrest

There are many defense strategies for resisting arrest charges. The judge has many considerations to include, such as whether the officer was in uniform or whether they were driving an official or undercover car. Depending on your circumstances, your defense could be as simple as proving that the officer was performing an unlawful procedure.

Folsom Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence

In all domestic violence matters in the Sacramento County, our skilled attorneys will do all we can to resolve such very personal and often painful legal matters as quickly and sensitively as possible. Getting early advice by one of our experienced domestic violence attorneys can greatly impact the ultimate result.

Folsom Record Expungement Attorney

Record Expungement

At the Law Offices of Bowman & Associates, APC, we have extensive experience helping clients navigate the expungement process and obtain a fresh start. We have handled many different types of expungements, including DUI expungement and felony expungements.

Folsom Burglary Arrest Lawyer

Burglary Arrest

Because theft is a crime of moral turpitude it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid a conviction. When one of our skilled lawyers from Bowman & Associates represent someone that is accused of a theft we investigate all lawful and ethical means to have the case dismissed or rejected. If a theft case is dismissed or rejected we then strongly advise our clients to get the case expunged.


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